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FAIR - Travel Warranty

The ideal travel warranty for your travel agency.
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Our offers

Your benefits with the FAIR-warranty:

In case of an accident the FAIR-warranty solely covers package-deals which include repatriation, as outlined and intended by Federal Law, Article 18, Section "Indemnification".

Especially covered by the FAIR-warranty are:
• Package deals / All-inclusive deals
• Tailor-made deals from a brochure or directly booked with a travel agency and invoiced as a lump sum.
• Cruises


The most searched destinations and itineraries:


THE FAIR-warranty does not cover the following services:

• Individual services, such as flights, trains, ferries, hotels, holiday flats, rental cars, etc.

• Vouchers, credit notes, invoices, competition prizes, etc.

• Communication expenses

• Taxi-cab expenses

• Other expenses, which are not directly connected to cancelled travel services.

• Cancellation fees

About us

The FAIR cooperative was founded in 2015 by the FAIR-Federation and of Active and Independent Retailers. The cooperative strives to support small and middle sized travel agencies in Switzerland by prioritising their concerns and needs.

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+41 071 680 05 81

Bottighoferstrasse 21
         8596 Scherzingen


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Bottighoferstrasse 21
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